What the experts say about "Leading with Lean"

“Philip has written a clear and practical guide for Lean champions and existing Lean leaders, which provides an end-to-end guide on designing and sustaining a Lean transformation. If you are looking to build a culture of continuous improvement, whether at one or a multi-site level, this provides some real gems of practical ‘know why’ and ‘know how’ for Lean leaders everywhere.”

​Jon Tudor, President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence UK

“In Leading with Lean, Philip Holt has ably mapped out the benefits, challenges and effective approaches for leading a Lean transformation. Leading with Lean draws on lessons that the author learned from the trenches through to the executive level, while helping to guide a decade-long Lean journey at a global multinational corporation. The book will appeal both to the executive searching for a comprehensive framework for leading with Lean, and to the Lean expert who must speak a common language to gain buy-in and behavior change from the leaders in their organization. Packed with practical wisdom, the reader will no doubt be compelled to put the book down and take action many times before turning the final page.”

Jon Miller, Partner at the Gemba Academy

“Philip Holt provides the reader with more than an in depth look at leading with lean, he provides a process along with insightful new concepts to grab the reader and bring them many revelations on leading the lean journey. Concepts such as Leadership Activism, Mosquito leadership, and many others provide a straight forward and practical understanding of leading a lean journey.  If you are leading a lean transformation, it is a must read for your leadership team.”

Kevin J. Duggan, President, Duggan Associates

“Although Lean has been around for some time, it continues to make defining inroads both in new industries and in office environments. I can’t think of anybody better placed than Philip to share his reflections and experiences accumulated over more than 25 years leading change with Lean in both manufacturing and services. I recommend this book to all, as its practical insights will help us to lead the change we want to see.”

Mathieu Verger, Head of Accounting Operations, Philips Lighting