Philip Holt is currently Head of Operational Excellence, Accounting Operations at Philips and a member of the advisory board of the Operational Excellence Society.

He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) and the University of Warwick.

He worked for the Gillette Company before joining Philips, where he has built up a magnificent reputation on Lean practices and advice.

By combining Japanese methods with European and American business processes, he has a keen eye for the waste within organisations and the opportunities for cultural change through employee engagement.

Philip is a regular speaker at Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Conferences.
Philip J. Holt
Leading with Lean
"‪If you have not established the context and a compelling reason for the 'audience' to listen to you then your organisation will continue with their daily business regardless and you will remain unheard."

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After many years of practising and studying Lean Thinking, I developed a model of Lean Leadership that brings together its 4 core elements. In my new book "Leading with Lean", I describe how anyone, wherever they might be in the organisation, can apply Lean Thinking and become a Lean Leader in their own right.

The book is a practical explanation, bringing together my knowledge and experience into one place and will teach the reader how simple, yet effective, behavioural changes in their ways of working can be massively effective and impactful for the organisation that they work for and for their own personal development and career, answering the "What's in if for me?" question.

“Philip has written a clear and practical guide for Lean champions and existing Lean leaders, which provides an end-to-end guide on designing and sustaining a Lean transformation. If you are looking to build a culture of continuous improvement, whether at one or a multi-site level, this provides some real gems of practical ‘know why’ and ‘know how’ for Lean leaders everywhere.”
JON TUDOR, President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence UK